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Berry Toast

Not feeling well? Or feeling to lazy to cook? So here’s another super easy breakfast recipe for you. I always love toast, all kind of toast. This is another toast-creation i love to make. There’re always¬†some berries in my fridge! I always buy strawberries and blueberries. They never go wrong. You can make lots of smoothies, mix it with your favorite granola or cereal or making a toast! I chose brown toast for today (feeling a bit guilty after having not-so-clean food for the past weeks), spread it with low-fat cream cheese (this is another i regular buy and keep them in reach!) and finally topped with berries cut into half. You may add a drizzle of honey, just to enhance the flavor! This berry toast really went well with Earl grey tea! I got this lovely tea packaging and a little house tea filter from my previous Sri Lanka trip. How cute!