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Melbourne | Australia

Melbourne, to sum it up, definitely got it all! An artsy city, cute little streets to explore and wander around, lots of cool clothing stores and of course all those famous cafes and restaurants. The past 4 days in Melbourne was such an experience for me. I was completely in love with this lovely city. I just love wandering around and explore new place to eat! (There are plenty of resto for you to dine out! unexpectedly there are all incredibly good!!!). Even though the city itself may not be a good place for all the shopaholics (comparing to the big cities) who enjoy splurging their money on designer stuffs but the local designer brands are pretty good though! I got a few items from the local brands and they weren’t that expensive at all.


Sunny day in Melbourne! So lucky it wasn’t rain!





ACMI, Australian centre for the moving image. Worth a visit! when I was there,  there was “David Bowie is” Exhibition ( 16 July 2015 till 1 Nov 2015) which V&A are one of the host of this event too.

DSC02604You can see lots of the thunder installations, which represents David Bowie signature trademark,  all around the exhibition hall.


DSC02549Here’s our hotel! We stayed 4 nights at Adelphi hotel, located on Flinders Land, an ultimate hipster street! There are lots of chic restaurants, cafes and clothing stores nearby. The hotel design was so groovy and fun! I really enjoyed my stay here.

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